Social Relations


As one of market leaders, we are aware that our main competitive advantage is our qualified, motivated and professional staff. Their sense of teamwork and passion for wheelsets are essential for creation of a positive and inspiring work environment.

For an effective and friendly cooperation, the right setting of processes and corresponding responsibilities and competences is crucial, as well as respect for each other and good relations. We take very seriously the importance of physical and mental health as well as the work-life balance.

We therefore provide our employees with the necessary training, development and various social and health programs. We positively influence various aspect of their working and personal time. We organize activities for our employees and also motivate them to take care for the communities in which they are in their free time.

We are pleased to support them in their personal development, further career steps and in their areas of interest. We are also prepared to help our colleagues through difficult life situations.

Scope of employee benefit

GHH-BONATRANS provides its employees with a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Systems of financial rewards, extra pay beyond the scope of law
  • Contribution to life insurance or supplementary pension insurance
  • Blood donation rewards
  • Rewards for life jubilees, work anniversaries and retirement
  • Five weeks of holidays
  • Flexible working hours and reduced working hours for white-collar employees (7.5 hours)
  • Home Office
  • Meal allowance (within in-house catering facilities)
  • Rehabilitation stays and vitamin programs
  • Discounts at selected suppliers

Employee training and education

Employee training and education plays a vital role in the company development and human resources management.

  • Professional certifications, authorizations and permissions necessary to perform specific work (e.g. crane operation or fork-lift truck driving, binding work, welding, working at heights, etc.)
  • Compulsory training program in the areas of quality, safety and the environment
  • Training on new legislation
  • Internal training in basic technical knowledge – technical minimum
  • Social skills
  • Digital skills
  • Foreign languages
  • Workshops and conferences
  • Talent management program

Corporate culture

Basic rules of internal conduct within the company are enshrined in the company’s Code of Ethics and Working Rules. As already mentioned above, we support all activities leading to creation of a pleasant and motivating working environment. We value feedback from our employees on work procedures, regulations and culture, and we strive to implement valuable ideas. We support a wide range of social and sporting events for employees and their families so that we can meet outside the workplace and get to know each other better also outside of work.

Corporate culture events include:

  • Awarding best employees of the year and meeting with the management
  • Management conference
  • BONATRANS ball
  • Open Day
  • St. Nicholas Day gathering for children of employees, etc.


Corporate Social Responsibility and sponsorship activities

GHH-BONATRANS is fully aware of the importance of corporate social responsibility programs implemented in regions where the company is present. We are not only a regionally important and attractive employer, but also strive to contribute to the development and support of local communities by organising and supporting local events and activities.

Our goal is to create an environment that will enable our current and former employees and their families to live with dignity and joy. At the same time, we respect nature and the environment and pay careful attention to reducing the environmental impact of our operations.

Our support and sponsorship projects cover a wide range of social fields: children and youth support programs, educational programs, sports activities, culture and health care and fire protection. Institutions or individuals can apply for potential support using the application form available in the contact section.


BONAGRANTY is a company project launched in June 2016

It is a financial support for which regular BONATRANS GROUP a.s. employees can apply, for the benefit of a non-profit organization where they help in their free time. It is possible to apply for the support of any public benefit program that is implemented in Bohumín or its vicinity and focused on the environment or support of the local community.

Thanks to our employees, the non-profit organizations can get additional funds. The goal of this project is to help where our employees help and to support their efforts to help creation of a better place to live in our neighbourhood.

Oberhausen company run
The running group from GHH Radsatz GmbH took part in this year's Oberhausen company run successfully and with a lot of fun.
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Michal Sdukos Memorial
On Saturday 14.5.2016 was held in the gymnasium BONATRANS Bohumín sixth annual Michal Sdukos Memorial in the bench press.
Czech championship in wheelchair table tennis
In the days of 26. to 29.5.2016 was held XXII. annual Czech championship in wheelchair table tennis of individuals and ...
One World in Ostrava
In April 2016 BONATRANS supported the famous 17th annual One World Festival

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