Full product range and complex services

As a leading European wheelset designer and manufacturer, GHH-BONATRANS supplies major railways and rolling stock manufacturers with a full range of first-class products and reliable solutions, such as heavy rail wheelsets for high-speed trains and locomotives, low-floor solutions for light rail, including resilient wheels and noise absorbing solutions.

Not only do we manufacture solutions of the highest possible standards, we design the products together with our customers, following the specific requirements of bogie, drive and brake modules, adjusting to meter or standard gauge, restricted spaces, high loads or severe operating conditions. Last but not least, we provide a complete after-sales service.

Wheelset: safety, comfort, optimized costs

Being the interface between the train and the rail infrastructure, wheelsets carry the whole weight of rolling stock, at speeds up to 450 kph. Each wheelset is thus the safety critical component for any rail-bound vehicle. Wheelsets move passengers, or go through populated areas, so comfort as well as respect to quality of life and the environment play increasingly important roles.

Transporting of freight and passengers is a service as any other one, and so we help the rail system to stay competitive with other modes of transport. Robust and service-proven design, with strict standards of manufacturing quality and a thoroughly studied maintainability ensures all of the above and many other aspects.

Expertise handed down from generation to generation

GHH-BONATRANS represents an impressive part of the history of wheelset design and manufacturing. Generations of true experts have contributed to the evolution of the wheelset. With more than 200 years of history in wheelset manufacturing, we have developed an unrivalled expertise which is continuously strengthened by investments into our own research and development, cutting-edge technologies, and proven new and innovative solutions launched into the industry on a regular basis.

Delivering wheelsets for any application
  • High-speed wheelset solutions
  • Low-floor wheelset with independent axle and resilient wheels
  • Driven and non-driven wheelsets for passenger solutions
  • Wheelsets with wheel-mounted noise absorbers
  • Complete locomotive wheelsets
  • Stress and heat optimized wheelsets, including heavy-haul application