People as the ultimate competitive advantage

Skilled, motivated and professional employees are valued as the most important factor for the long-term success of GHH-BONATRANS and its key market differentiator. The energy, passion and determination of our employees energize our growth, enable continuous improvements and innovations and open new business opportunities.

Our goal is to further strengthen our human resources and maintain this ultimate competitive advantage by hiring new talent as well as experienced professionals who will be driven by the same corporate goals and who will share the same passion for their job and our industry. For such candidates, we can guarantee vast opportunities for personal development, professional challenges and attractive remuneration packages.

Never stop learning

We seek those who are open to learning new things, not only in their field of expertise, but also in other aspects of work. Flexibility and a creative approach to solving complex problems and situations, and above average communication skills as well as a sense for teamwork and collaboration are needed for successful employee integration.

We also expect our employees to take responsibility for their work, and be reliable and loyal. Knowing at least one foreign language (preferably English or German, alternatively French, Russian and others) is mandatory for many of the jobs within GHH-BONATRANS. If you feel that a career at GHH-BONATRANS could be the next big step for you, please check the below career opportunities and complete an application form. We would be happy to see you on board.