Noise absorbers


Lower noise through research

GHH-BONATRANS pays close attention to the issue of noise. Our research and development department has developed a number of solutions reducing noise caused by railway wheel operation. GHH-BONATRANS achieves a reduction of the vibration (and thus also noise) of wheels in operation by application of specially developed noise absorbers mounted on the wheels.

The noise absorbers made by GHH-BONATRANS are able to achieve absorption of the rolling noise by up to 8 dB(A), while the most unpleasant squealing noise of wheels equipped with GHH-BONATRANS noise absorbers is up to 30 dB(A) lower than that of wheels without absorbers, especially in the significant frequency bands. GHH-BONATRANS delivers complete systems specifically designed for different markets such as urban, suburban and passenger transportation as well as for high-speed and very high-speed trains.

With respect to the environment

Railway transport is well known and generally accepted as being more environmentally friendly than other modes of transport, especially in comparison with road transport. Nevertheless, railway transport has also environmental impacts that have to be solved. These include especially the problem of noise occurring during operation, be it rolling or squealing sounds. The issue of noise is particularly significant if railway transport is run in densely populated areas or at very high speeds.

That is why the problem of noise during the operation of rail vehicles has to be addressed especially in Europe, where the most developed network of railways and urban public transport systems is located, and hence close attention is being paid to the problems of noise. However, the same problem relates to urban and suburban transport in all other major world cities.

Advantages of GHH-BONATRANS noise absorbers:
  • High absorption effect – up to 8dB(A) rolling noise, up to 30 dB(A) squealing noise
  • Applicable in all types of rail vehicles
  • Service life is not limited by the service life of the wheels
  • Low weight (approx. 10 kg)
  • Easy maintenance
  • Specific design tailored to the customer's needs