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Our story

Both BONATRANS and GHH-RADSATZ represent an impressive part of the history of wheelset manufacturing.

Generations of true experts continuously contribute to the evolution of the wheelset. Respecting the past but looking ahead, the pioneers of wheelset manufacturing produce premium solutions for the rail-bound vehicles of the world, thanks to the master craftsmanship and expertise handed down from generation to generation.

Nowadays, the two companies form a group that supplies a full range of first class products and reliable solutions: heavy rail wheelsets for high-speed and locomotives, low-floor solutions including resilient wheels, and noise absorbing solutions. The never-ending spirit of curiosity and passion for perfection enables the birth of new innovative solutions that drive the industry forwards.

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Our Values


Wheelset development and production requires special knowledge, experience and continuous self-improvement. Our expertise has developed over many decades and cannot easily be transferred or replicated. It is at the core of our service.


We perceive wheel and wheelset production as a “running” process, full of changes and challenges. An innovative approach is our internal driver that helps maintain our products at the cutting edge of the industry.


We are one of the world’s leading suppliers of wheels and wheelsets. Our dominant position is a result of our hard work, premium product quality and the strong drive for success and expansion.


We strive for the perfect product that meets our customers’ needs, and constantly improves its qualities and performance over its life-cycle. Premium product quality is a must to guarantee reliability and safety during use.


We are focused, persistent, detail-oriented and passionate about the product application. We are proud of our contribution to the industry, numerous innovations, worldwide coverage and our company’s success in general.