Care for employees

Personal approach

As one of the market leaders we realize that our top competitive advantage are skilled, motivated and professional employees. Their sense of teamwork and passion for the product are crucial for establishing a positive and inspirational working environment.

Respect to each other and friendly relationships are key to effective and friendly collaboration. Physical and mental health as well as the work-life balance of our employees is something we take very seriously.

We provide our employees with various social and health programs and positively affect different aspects of their working and personal time. We endorse activities organised internally for the benefit of the employees and we also include external activities and events into our employee programs. We are ready to encourage them in their personal development, next career steps and their fields of interest. However, we are also prepared to support and help our colleagues during difficult life situations.

Scope of employee benefits

GHH-BONATRANS provides employees with a wide range of benefits, including:

  • One extra week of vacation
  • Meal contribution (through internal dining facilities)
  • Contribution to life insurance
  • Relaxation excursions
  • Vitamin program
  • Life and work anniversary awards, etc.

Employee training and education

Employee education and training play an essential role in the company development and human resources management.

  • Professional certifications, authorisations and permissions necessary for carrying out individual jobs (e.g. crane or fork-lift operation, binding, welding, working at heights etc)
  • Compulsory educational programs in the fields of quality, safety or environment
  • Training in new legislation
  • Internal education of basic technical knowledge
  • Soft skills
  • Computer skills
  • Foreign languages
  • Workshops and conferences

Corporate culture

The basic rules of internal company behaviour are embodied in the company’s Code of Ethics and Working Rules documents. As mentioned earlier, all activities leading towards creation of a pleasant and motivating working environment are supported. We value feedback from our employees on working procedures, rules and culture and try to implement the valuable ideas. We endorse a wide range of social and sports events for employees and their families so that we can meet outside of work and learn more about each other and our private lives. Corporate culture events include:

  • Best employee awards and meetings with management
  • Meetings and communication with former employees
  • BONATRANS ball
  • Open days
  • BONATRANS triathlon competition
  • St. Nicolas event for children of employees etc.

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