Code of ethics

Code of ethics

It is extremely important for GHH-BONATRANS and for each of us to maintain our good reputation and also to nurture relations based on trust with regards to the people and companies we come into contact with.

Committed itself to increasing its value for customers, employees and other stakeholders GHH-BONATRANS will at the same time maintain a high level of ethical standards. We are all protectors of its good reputation, in our positions on various levels throughout the companies.

This is why GHH-BONATRANS expects appropriate behaviour and actions from each of us.

Employees on all levels play an important role in terms of implementing the efforts towards improvement in financial, environmental and social fields. Therefore, Code of Ethics relates to all employees. It serves to help us understand our ethical and legal obligations which we come across at work.

Although this Code does not contain all the situations which could occur, its aim is to set rules for decision-making in situations when it is not completely clear how to proceed. The rules determined in this Code are binding and as such must be adhered to by each of us in any situation.