Care for the environment is one of the main foundations of our corporate social responsibility programs. The top management is actively involved in its updating and monitoring. GHH-BONATRANS follows strict rules for environment protection in and around its plants.

Environmental prevention programs include employee education and training, careful monitoring and mitigation of environmental impacts, and prevention of potential accidents and emergencies with an impact on the environment and health. The progress we achieve in our environmental protection programs is the results of active participation of our employees in group activities. Regular modernization of production plants and implementation of new technologies lead to a significant reduction in our carbon footprint. We invest in production lines and their automation, as well as in other buildings and equipment. We also follow strict rules for waste management. We regularly monitor and review the waste management system and its implementation.

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Invitation to AfricaRail 2016
We invite you to visit GHH-BONATRANS stand (P10) on AfricaRail 2016.