Quality means safety

The consistently high quality of products and services is an implicit and necessary pre-requisite for supplying to the railway industry, especially in the case of wheelsets, which directly influence the safety of the railway rolling stock. GHH-BONATRANS considers ensuring the continuous improvement of the quality of its products, services and systems to be one of its primary priorities. We are proud of the quality of the products and services we deliver. Our business success and world-wide coverage could not have been achieved without the highest possible quality standards.

Accuracy and control at every stage

We constantly work to improve our processes, the level of service and the technology of our solutions through intensive cooperation with our customers and suppliers. Tests and measurements are made while our products are passing through the production process. From the testing of raw material and components, through customer acceptance, all manufacturing steps are regularly audited to eliminate any source of malfunction and loss of productivity. All results and empirically established figures from production and service are continuously incorporated into the development process of new products. Each product leaving the factory leverages from the know-how of those who have developed, built and tested it.


Selected operator approvals

*The IMS is defined in the scope of "Design and manufacturing of railway wheelsets and their parts according to customer´s accessories and specifications", from which Recycling division is excluded.