Wheelset design from the perspective of life cycle cost



Lifecycle cost reduction as one of the key requirements of rail vehicle operators for the near future.

Language: ENGLISH


It has become increasingly important for manufacturers of rolling stock, and especially for operators, to know operational costs per one kilometre EUR/km. Although the development of materials for railway wheels is advancing rapidly and the aim of development activities is to choose a suitable material for the concrete operational condition. GHH-BONATRANS contribute to this trend through the development of new material BONASTAR® which meets the essential requirements for efficiency and increased LCC.


What will you learn?

  • Background of presentation
  • Proper selection of material
  • New up-grated BONATRANS´materials
  • Properties of up-grated materials such as:
    • Wearing properties
    • Mechanical properties
    • Fatigue properties
  • Case study -EMU Regiopanter
  • Conclusion

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