Innovative wheelsets and independent wheel axles for modern low-floor applications



Andreas Brinkmann introduces the next generation of wheelsets and independent wheel axles for advanced low-floor Light Rail Vehicles (LRV)

Language: GERMAN


More than 30 years ago the introduction of low-floor trams began in Europe. Particularly in projects outside Europe, the technical requirements for these vehicles have changed, which leads to maximum axle loads of up to 12.5 ton due to the greater vehicle width and length, but also due to the principle of multi-articulated vehicles. This also affects the design of the wheelsets of low-floor trams, which is illustrated by the current product portfolio of the Gutehoffnungshütte Radsatz GmbH in terms of wheelsets group 2 and independent wheel axles. The focus is on the new generation of motor and trailer independent wheel axles, which modular design together with the consideration of future-proof interfaces to the drive and braking systems of the vehicle creates the prerequisites for their application in a multitude of international vehicle projects.


What will you learn?

      • Einleitung
      • Radsätze Gruppe 2: GHH®-Treib- und Laufradsätze
      • Losradachsen Gruppe 3: Neue Generation von GHH®-Losradachsen
        • Anforderungen und Entwicklungsziele
        • Komponenten und Merkmale
        • Trieb-Losradachsen für angetriebene Fahrwerke
        • Lauf-Losradachsen für nicht angetriebene Fahrwerke
      • Zusammenfassung

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