Wheelset men and Movember


Movember is an annual gender-focused charity event.

The point of the charity is to gain funds and also increase awareness of men’s health. Special attention is given to support for healthy male lifestyle and education in the area of male illnesses, such as testicular and prostate cancer.

How does it work? Movember’s rules are very simple: November starts off cleanshaven. During the month, gentlemen keep their cheeks and chin cleanshaven - but shaving under the nose is forbidden. For thirty days the men’s face is resplendent with the proverbial moustache.

Most of the men in the sales division enthusiastically joined in this event with sixteen moustaches of various shapes, colours, lengths and thickness. They recall that it was not easy, neither at home nor during meetings with customers. Many of them had to introduce themselves again.

The entire event ended on 30 November with a team photograph and support to the tune of CZK 9,400 for the foundation “Men against Cancer”.  A little discomfort and attention (not always welcome) was worth it in support of a good cause!


News - Wheelset men and Movember
News - Wheelset men and Movember
News - Wheelset men and Movember

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