We care about the environment


We spend every day surrounded by electronic devices that make our lives easier and more comfortable: household appliances, smartphones, computers and laptops, cordless tools, battery-powered toys etc.

But these useful tools become e-waste when their life ends and can pose a danger to the environment. Cast-off electrical equipment is now the fastest growing category of waste in the world. The solution is to sort it properly, take it back and then recycle it in a sustainable way.

BONATRANS handed over 3,530 kg of waste electrical equipment for take-back in 2023, thus ensuring that this waste does not end up in landfills or incinerated in incinerators. Through recycling, we have reduced the environmental impact of e-waste and generated savings, which we can illustrate with concrete examples:

  • 1091 kWh of electricity
  • 2360 kg of primary raw materials
  • 666 cu.m of water
  • 2689 litres of crude
  • 6431 kg of CO2
News - We care about the environment

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