Two silver medals for BONATRANS


At the end of last year we participated in the initiative Czech Industry Challenge, which helps firms strengthen their brand as an employer and is intended for support of employment in various branches of Czech industry.

“BONATRANS is the clear world leader in its field: trains in more than 80 countries run on our wheelsets (or their components), and in long term more than 90% of earnings are generated abroad. But on the other hand we are a narrowly focused company, so BONATRANS is not very well known outside of our field (and outside of our region). And this was the main reason we decided to utilise this initiative and raise the brand’s profile”, says Marcel Ujfaluši, head of marketing.

Each company could participate in six visual-creative categories, assessed by a jury with more than 30 members.

  • Challenge No 1 – Industrial art photograph
  • Challenge No 2 – Recruitment creative campaign
  • Challenge No 3 – Corporate and career website
  • Challenge No 4 – Unusual ambassador and event
  • Challenge No 5 – TOP (non-)working space
  • Challenge No 6 – Support for professional education

We chose challenge 1 and 3 because we had decided to compete with others in the category of industrial photography and corporate website. Out of those companies similar to us in business terms, we were competing with Škoda Transportation and CZ Loko, whilst other well-known manufacturers, such as Ferrit and Slévárny Třinec, also participated in the initiative.

We ended up on the winners’ podium in both categories and were awarded silver medals.

The photograph that came second in Challenge No 1 shows Mr Mohyla forming rail wheels on a forging press. We have had this photograph since summer 2015, when we ordered a series of professional photographs from the famous Ostrava photographer Boris Renner. The award was officially presented on the display wheel set bench in vestibule A1.

The top 25 most impressive industrial art photographs will be shown in the associated touring educational exhibition Czech Industry Photo, which will be free to the public. The photographs should be on display in, for example, Prague, Brno at the engineering trade fair, and Ostrava. Underneath our photograph there will be a caption explaining the magic of our products to the layman, or a minor detail from the manufacturing technology. “The wheel is forged at a temperature of 1250°C and the forging pressure can be up to 56 MN, depending on wheel diameter. To give you an idea of this force, it is as much as weight of 80 freight wagons.”

We launched the current corporate website in September 2016, just before the start of the Innotrans international exhibition. Over the years the original three-language version (Czech, English and German) has been expanded to include French, Spanish, Italian and Chinese.

“We are glad that we participated in the initiative and so joined a group of inspirational leaders in industry. And as a sportsman, naturally enough I was happy with both medals. They belong to all of us”, added Jakub Weiman, managing director.


News - Two silver medals for BONATRANS
News - Two silver medals for BONATRANS
News - Two silver medals for BONATRANS

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