TRAKO 2023


From Tuesday to Friday, September 19 to 22, we took part in the 15th International Fair in Gdańsk, Poland.

TRAKO is the largest and most prestigious rail transport fair in Europe held in odd years (with Innotrans in Berlin holding the top spot in even years). The GHH-BONATRANS group exhibited in Hall D.

Dual exhibit was prepared for the visitors, but this time the products were not wheelsets. Exhibited was a pair of wheels for the Prague Metro carriages, one fitted with a BONASILENCE®P web noise damper, the other without any damping system. The visitors could compare the effectiveness of our solution for themselves. Two blows of the hammer, one on the former which resulted in a short damped noise, and one on the latter which generated an ear-piercing, long-fading noise sensation. For BONATRANS, the term low-noise wheels is no euphemism.

“One meeting followed another, clients, suppliers, professionals as well as the lay public made sure that our stand was all the time as packed and lively as the rest of the exhibition grounds. The beautiful Indian summer on the coast of the otherwise cold Baltic sea probably contributed to this. However, more significant was the huge expenditure on the fleets of rolling stock of all types and the onset of high-speed railways awaiting Poland in the coming years”, concludes Marcel Ujfaluši, BONATRANS Marketing Head.

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