Spring conferences


BONATRANS GROUP regularly participates in conferences focused on railway transport in Central Europe.

BONATRANS presents its innovative products at Brno Conference

The theme of the Seventh Annual Conference was the anticipated development of the railway vehicle industry in the Czech Republic and in the world. BONATRANS GROUP a.s. presented at the conference the trends in the design and manufacture of railway wheels, axles and wheelsets, among others also the 3rd generation of stress-optimised wheels created by our design school, BONA313, intended for an axle load of 25 tonnes and weighing mere 313 kg, which is at present the lightest wheel for freight transport available in the market, and its variant, BONA320, equipped with the state-of-the-art highly effective BONASILENCE®R+ ring silencer, designed for repeated use. We also presented to the conference attendees the benefits of the induction-quenched axles, BONAXLE®, and wheels made of innovative steel grades, BONASTAR®, with a very low life cycle costs due to their significantly longer life compared to standard products. Our new coating systems, BONACOAT ®, also attracted attention. Amid the project of the construction of high-speed railway tracks in the Czech Republic, the references concerning the deliveries of our innovative axles, wheels and wheelsets for world renown high-speed trains such as ICE, TGV and HEMA, also captured attention.


International symposium in Slovenia

BONATRANS participated in the traditional Centre European symposium focusing on the brake systems of rail vehicles, presenting a similar programme. The lecture given by BONATRANS on the topic of innovation of wheelsets met with positive reactions. The 19th Symposium in Slovenia hosted more than a hundred railway industry experts.


BONATRANS GROUP a.s. attends the meeting of railway industry experts

Held this year was the 9th traditional “Železnice Pardubice” (Pardubice Railway) gathering which was, besides other participants, attended by the delegates of our company. The event took place in the auditorium of the Pardubice University, the Faculty of Transportation of which celebrates this year the 30th anniversary of its founding. Apart from the experts on passenger and freight transport and infrastructure and state authorities, the rolling stock manufactures such as ALSTOM and ŠKODA TRANSPORTATION presented the current trends in the design of railway vehicles.  As far as the carbon imprint issue is concerned, because of their so far unsurpassed efficiency, the EMU electric units will retain their dominance on the electrified railway lines in the EU. For non-electrified tracks, at present the manufacturers offer two power drive unit options, namely HMU/HEMU which use hydrogen, and for shorter lanes BEMU which is intended for combined trolley-non-electrified line operation, and Battery Management Unit (BMU) for operation on non-electrified tracks. The common goal of the manufacturers of passenger transport railway vehicles is to find an effective solution aimed at preserving local non-electrified lines in the Czech Republic, but also in other countries. 

For all these modern units BONATRANS GROUP a.s. supplies and offers products characteristic by their very low life cycle costs, such as wheels made of the BONASTAR® innovated steel grades and the induction-quenched BONAXLE® axles. Due to their optimised weight, our wheels reduce energy consumption, which is essential especially for passenger transport battery units.

News - Spring conferences
News - Spring conferences

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