Meeting of former employees


October saw a meeting of former BONATRANS GROUP a.s. employees attended by approximately 150 pensioners and former employees invited by the Personnel Department as the event organiser.

They came with enthusiasm, and as they sat around the table they coalesced into a group with a connection to the former team, also influenced by their many years of friendship.

The event was opened by Jakub Weimann, who welcomed all the guests, thanked them for their work, which is the cornerstone of the firm’s current prosperity and development, and last but not least, for teaching the following generation, which has smoothly carried on in their work.

All present followed Jakub Weiman with interest as he gave core information, augmented by a graphic presentation about our firm. The presentation offered a detailed overview of all our successes, the firm’s development, where we currently are, and in particular our plans for the future.

This was followed by an open discussion with the representatives of management from the individual operations, units and departments and with the chair of the trade union, Lumír Bečica. The employees also recalled their professional successes from the time when they worked in the company.

The event ended, as now traditional, with an excellent lunch, including coffee and cakes.

Former employees expressed their satisfaction with the event through their thanks during the event and subsequently through letters. Here is just one example:

“I would like to thank the personnel department for organising this meeting of retirees. Unfortunately this is not a common tradition in other companies. I know whereof I speak: I meet up with directors of other former plants and other factories, and it really is not usual to express thanks to retirees.”

Best regards
Ing. Vilém Balcárek MBA

These meetings are very pleasant annual part of the firm’s life, they are full of pleasing and friendly speeches, and everyone is glad that they can meet up once again and take a stroll down memory lane together.

News - Meeting of former employees
News - Meeting of former employees

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