International Wheelset Congress


On this year’s IWC (XIX International Wheelset Congress) which took place in Venice, Italy, from June 16th to 20th, GHH-BONATRANS actively participated as a Gold Sponsor and presented with lots of success and positive feedback.




Speaker: Mr. Thomas Gerlach (GHH Radsatz)

Topic: Integrated design and validation procedure on the basis of an innovative high resilient wheel for urban rail traffic


Speaker: Mr. Martin Möhring (GHH Radsatz)

Topic: Development and application of a measuring wheel for validation the multi body simulation model and monitoring of the dynamic loads during operation


Speaker: Mr. Tomáš Boháč (BONATRANS GROUP)

Topic: BONASILENCE: Design, Analyses, Optimization and Application of Bonatrans Plate Dampers for Reduction of Rolling Noise


Speaker: Mr. Petr Janoš (BONATRANS GROUP)

Topic: Wheelsets and bearings dedicated for freight wagons


Speaker: Mr. Petr Matušek (BONATRANS GROUP)

Topic: Solid wheel steel parameters according to world quality standards and its rolling contact fatigue life predictions


The IWC is held every three years and organized by ERWA, which is the European association of wheelset producer within the UNIFE.

News - International Wheelset Congress
News - International Wheelset Congress

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