Employees are the key source of a company's development


BONATRANS GROUP a.s. has achieved a splendid 2nd place in the competition "Employer of the Region 2023" in the category up to 5000 employees, organized by the Club of Employers.

BONATRANS GROUP a.s. is among the most significant manufacturers of railway wheelsets and their components globally.

The company is a reliable partner of national and private railways, urban transportation companies, manufacturers, repair shops, and operators of rail vehicles in nearly eighty countries across five continents.

BONATRANS GROUP a.s. acknowledges that its employees are the key source of success and company development.BONATRANS GROUP a.s. enables every employee to fully realize themselves in their profession.

It expects a responsible and professional approach to work from all its employees, while offering the support of a promising company, remuneration corresponding to work performance, and numerous employee benefits.

Creating a pleasant working environment that fosters open communication and effective collaboration is among its priorities.

BONATRANS GROUP a.s. shone in the "Employer of the Region 2023" competition in the category up to 5000 Employees organised by the Club of Employers and returned from the bronze position in 2022 to the silver position.

On June 1, 2023, a ceremonial presentation took place at the National Agricultural Museum in Ostrava.  BONATRANS GROUP a.s. secured a splendid 2nd place as the Employer of the Region for 2023 in the category up to 5000 employees.

To measure an employer's performance in human resource management (using the Saratoga method), it is necessary to provide detailed information about the workforce, remuneration indicators with a breakdown into individual components of wages, as well as an analysis of absence and working hours, employee recruitment and selection, employee turnover, employee education and development, corporate social responsibility, and financial indicators of the company.

The improvement and return to the 2nd place in the "Employer of the Region 2023" competition also came through involvement in corporate volunteering. One of the activities was active participation in the Tree Day, where a team of 18 wheelset guys and gals planted 116 oak trees in Bravantice.

The entire team stands behind this wonderful achievement, and so we would like to thank all our employees for their efforts and support.

News - Employees are the key source of a company's development

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