Christmas tree from Koblov for each employee


All BONATRANS employees received Christmas trees, Nordmann firs from Koblov.

The growth of greenhouse gas emissions is a matter of fact, and we all have been able to see its negative effects in the current years. And this is happening closer and closer to where we live, work and spend our leisure time.

In the autumn, BONATRANS committed to reduce carbon footprint by 20%. This will be our contribution to sustainable business and social responsibility, in order to reduce the environmental burden in areas and activities that we, as a manufacturing company, can influence.

The 2030 Green wheelset sustainability plan adopted in this summer inspired us to prepare a special gift – the Christmas tree with a reduced carbon footprint. This should not only contribute to sustainability, but also please and inspire small improvements.

Christmas trees from Germany, Scandinavia or the Baltic, i.e. from areas more than 1,000 km away, are most often available for sale at the Christmas tree selling spots. And yet, at least the same quality option is available not far from Bohumín.

Christmas trees for our employees were planted 11 years ago in Koblov, they were taken care of, and finally harvested with the help of our company volunteers. Without packing and truck transport, with love and care in cooperation with our regional partners.

News - Christmas tree from Koblov for each employee
News - Christmas tree from Koblov for each employee
News - Christmas tree from Koblov for each employee

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