BONATRANS supports Post Bellum


Stories of Our Neighbours is a Post Bellum educational project for pupils of the 8th and 9th year of primary schools and 4th and 5th year of eight-year grammar schools.

Under the guidance of their teachers, children have the task of interviewing a contemporary witness, recording their recollections, digitising photographs, researching in the archives, and in the end creating a radio, TV or written report or document. A total of nine teams of pupils from nine primary schools got involved in the project, which was in the Karviná region held for the first time this year. Pupils of the T.G. Masaryka and Skřečoň primary schools in Bohumín also recorded the recollections of contemporary witnesses under the guidance of their teachers.

Over six months, pupils initially recorded the testimony of local contemporary witnesses and sought out documentary materials related to their stories. Then they used the collected material to create their own documentaries, which they presented to the professional and general public on 14 March at the K3 cinema in Bohumín. According to Veronika Jurčíková, the regional coordinator of the organisation Post Bellum, those whose stories were compiled by the children include people impacted by the political events of the 20th century, and also those who remember the changes in the Karviná region in the second half of the 20th century.

News - BONATRANS supports Post Bellum
News - BONATRANS supports Post Bellum

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