BONATRANS supported more than 40 subjects


Last year there was no let up in BONATRANS’s donations in the region. It donated financial support totalling more than CZK 1.2 million to more than 40 subjects.

Support and sponsorship projects cover a wide range of social areas: programmes in support of children and youth, educational programmes, sporting activity, culture and healthcare, fire protection and others. “In the spring months, at the beginning of the pandemic, we donated two hundred thousand crowns to the Bohumín City Hospital. We also supported various local groups and associations, and educational institutions, and in addition we contributed to a public collection in aid of victims of a fire in Bohumín”, added Adriana Bližňáková.

BONATRANS supported, for example, the local volunteer firefighters in Kopytov and Skřečoň, it contributed to the holding of the Ocelácký[Steelman] Triathlon, it helped local weightlifters and several Bohumín schools, including Bohumín Grammar School. In addition to the hospital, in the healthcare field it also helped the mobile hospice Strom života[Tree of Life] to buy new instruments, and the Křižovatka[Crossroads] Foundation to buy respiration monitors that went to Ostrava hospitals.

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