BONATRANS is one of the Best 100 Czech Firms for 2022


December the second saw the 27th annual event of the competition Czech Best 100.

The company Comenius has been granting the awards since 1996. The aim is to find, select and raise the profile of those Czech firms, companies and businesses from the widest possible range of economic activities that have achieved excellent, exceptional or positive, extraordinary results, and to celebrate them publicly.

This year the company BONATRANS GROUP was successful in the category “Engineering and IT”. At the official presentation in Prague Castle’s Spanish Hall, the award was accepted by Michal Neumann, BONATRANS chief operations officer. He noted that the motto of the competition is “Per aspera ad astra”, i.e., through hardships to the stars. “In BONATRANS we have a star or stars in common, each of us has their obstacles at their own level, at the level of the departments and units, obstacles across the units, and also with suppliers or customers. In any case, this award belongs to everyone who contributed to the success of BONATRANS.”

“If every hour one could learn just one scientific tenet, just one rule of a craft, just one beautiful story from history or a saying (and this clearly is possible without any effort), what great a horde learning there would be from it.”

Jan Ámos Komenský

Comenius is a pan-European company for culture, education and scientific-technical cooperation founded on 3 May 1990 in Prague. “At the very beginning of the transformation of the centrally planned and managed economy, we were aware that education and culture must play a crucial role in these changes. As a result, Comenius was conceived and organised as a non-profit-making organisation to support and promote international contacts and cooperation in the field of education, culture, science and technology.”

News - BONATRANS is one of the Best 100 Czech Firms for 2022
News - BONATRANS is one of the Best 100 Czech Firms for 2022

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