BONATRANS employees planted 116 oaks


The primary motivation behind the concept was to bring the idea Now everyone can plant a tree to life.

In cooperation with the Branch Association Arnika – Centre for Citizens Support, BONATRANS planted 116 oaks in Bravantice.

“For the next 100 years the oaks we have planted will not only be enjoyed by passers-by, but they will also be home to animals (in particular to the Osmoderma beetle from the family Scarabaeidae). A suitable built biotype will save them from dying out.” Work in difficult terrain brought the participants together, and they were all rewarded with an azure sky, which helped generate the great atmosphere evident from the appended photographs.

BONATRANS has long focuse on support for projects in the area of the environment, including carbon footprint reduction.

“Through this event we also fulfilled this year’s goal for company volunteer work, supported Tree Day (declared for 20 October), and, most importantly, contributed to the public good in a friendly group of 18 wheelset-guys and gals”, says Květa Hrubá, personnel manager, summing up the event.


News - BONATRANS employees planted 116 oaks
News - BONATRANS employees planted 116 oaks

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