BONATRANS celebrates 55 years


BONATRANS GROUP celebrates its 55 th anniversary since Železárny a drátovny in 1965 set up railway wheelsets manufactory in Bohumin.

Many years have passed since 1965 and in the meantime BONATRANS became the biggest producer of the railway wheelsets in Europe. In the last decade, we have experienced several events that have become important milestones in our company. In terms of investment, it was historically one of the most intense periods. It is worth to remember the year 2013, when we established our branch in India named Bonatrans India. The year 2014 was no less important. Our competitor GHH-Radsatz became a member of the family and since then we have been forming the GHH-BONATRANS GROUP. All this (and much more) creates the preconditions to remain the leader among the wheelset suppliers and to be able to design, manufacture and supply a complete range of first-class products and solutions for rail vehicles.
Many thanks to our employees for their professional work, responsible approach and hard work. Thanks to them we can celebrate this beautiful anniversary.

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