BONASILENCE successful at IRS10


While in rail vehicles the function of the BONASILENCE® is to reduce noise, at the 10th International Railway Summit (IRS) our silencers were heard loud and clear and resonated throughout the event.

The BONATRANS presentation opened the first panel on the first day of this prestigious international meeting. Other participants in this panel titled “Designing a smoother and quieter passenger experience” and hosted by Carlo Borghini, Executive Director of Shift2Rail, were Deutsche Bahn, Siemens and Metro Moskva. Thus, as remarked by Marcel Ujfaluši, our Marketing Manager, we were seen and heard in a very good company.

The previous IRS meetings held in Barcelona, Vienna, Paris, Kuala Lumpur, Prague and Warsaw always attracted around 200 delegates from different countries and firms from within the rail industry. The event provides an ideal forum for representatives and technical experts from central and regional governments, railway infrastructure, operators and manufacturers of railway vehicles and their components, to exchange information, views and interests. It combines a conference programme with a broad room for individual meetings of the participants. This year’s meeting took place for the first time, for obvious reasons, online. But even in this form it met its goal, with 260 delegates taking part and 70 papers being presented.

The BONATRANS presentation was about the design options of dampening rolling and squealing noise induced by the contact between the wheel and the rail, using silencers fitted on the wheel. “We use for all our solutions of this specific problem a collective commercial name BONASILENCE®. And since we have more than twenty years of experience in this area and five types of solutions developed and tested in life operation (on approximately one hundred thousand wheels delivered), we certainly had something to share”, concluded  Marcel Ujfaluši.

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