Award Employer of the Region 2021: second place


BONATRANS GROUP a.s. has come second in the competition “Employer of the REGION 2021 Moravia-Silesia Region” in the category Employers up to 5000 employees.

The Sodexo Employer of the Year and Region award winners were officially announced at the TATRA Technical Museum in Kopřivnice. The announcement of the results and presentation of the Sodexo Employer of the Region 2021 award for the Moravia-Silesia and Olomouc Region were preceded by a presentation of interesting projects and new activities, including the discussion How to Search for the Currently Most Missing Positions and about changes to the labour market caused by Covid (and not only Covid). There was a friendly atmosphere for the possibility of all those participating to meet in person once again.

Firms in the Czech Republic are rated in the prestigious competition Employer of the Year and Employer of the Region on the basis of a special methodology covering 14 indicators. The model for the evaluation of winner of Employer of the Year is based on a set of indicators selected in cooperation between PwC and the Employee’s Club calculated using the unified definitions of the Saratoga methodology. They include HR Leading, which represents the indicators of HR leadership that can be directly managed and influenced, HR Lagging, which represents indicators resulting from HR policies and which can only indirectly be influenced, and Financial & Productivity Lagging, which measures employees’ productivity.

We won the award thanks to the work of all our employees, and so we would like to take this opportunity to thank them for their commitment to work and their support.

News - Award Employer of the Region 2021: second place

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